Advantages of a sliding gate for a warehouse

The difference between sliding gates and other systems lies in the method of opening the sash. The shift occurs to the side, which optimizes the free space in the yard and on the street. However, to create this scheme, it is necessary to analyze all the nuances, draw up a correct plan for the installation of the structure. The basis for the phased production and automation of for a warehouse or other facility is the initial analysis of the cantilever system. By going to the site, you can study in more detail the existing types of warehouse gates and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Design of sliding (sliding) gates for warehouses

A gate kit should include the following components:

● Sash. Sheathing made of corrugated board, sandwich panels, panels or sheet metal is attached to the lattice frame. The minimum leaf width is 1.5 times that of the gate passage. Height is not regulated.

● Screening element. Serves as a mounting base for fittings, at the same time distributes the to the ground. It is made of 3 pieces of steel channel, should have a U-shape.

● Support pillars. They perform several tasks: places for mounting fittings, partial maintenance of the sliding sash. For manufacturing, use square pipes, an obligatory foundation for installation.

● Fittings. The kit is designed to create a cantilever sash sliding system. The choice depends on the characteristics of the latter.

● Automation. An additional component, with the help of which the remote control circuit is made, partially automates the operation of the sliding gates.

Note that the biggest problems arise when choosing fittings. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the mass of the frame of the sash and sheathing, the total length of the structure. The maximum weight values ​​in sets are 400 kg, for massive sashes – up to 800 kg. The length of the frame affects the required size of the profile beam.

The main advantages of sliding industrial doors

It is possible to manufacture and automate sliding according to the individual requirements of the customer. This is the main advantage of the console system. To do this, you should choose the right materials and components. The choice will facilitate a large amount of reference information, visual videos on installation and setup.

Additional advantages of sliding gates:

● reliability of operation, with the correct setting of the fittings, the possibility of spontaneous opening is excluded;

● when open, they do not occupy the area of ​​the driveway near the warehouse;

● there is a possibility of modernization, automation;

● simple repair and maintenance.

The reliability of functioning directly depends on adherence to the installation technology and system settings. This issue should be dealt with by specialists.

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