Beijing vessel identified as likely tanker behind California oil spill

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The leak stemmed from a 17.5-mile pipeline spanning from Amplify’s Elly oil rig seven miles off the coast of Long Beach to a pump station operated by Beta Offshore, a Long Beach unit of Houston-based Amplify, and spread to a slew of beaches and coastal areas across California’s Orange County

It’s not known why the leak occurred eight months later rather than at the time of the anchor collision. Authorities also are looking into whether other anchors hit and weakened the pipeline or if a preexisting condition with the line was to blame. 

It is likely the tiger was seen earlier on its trek with an early October sighting near the Shantarskie islands in Khabarovsk region, when it was pictured by photographer Mikhail Korostelev some 260 miles from the most northerly point the tigers normally live.

It is the first time the endangered Amur tigers — the world’s largest cats — have been seen in this region in half a century, and the latest account of an animal venturing far from its normal home in Siberia.

City said that its sponsorship had «not been activated in respect of any specific products or services in any part of the world.» While City said it «conducts due diligence in respect of all of its partnerships,» it was unclear how rigorous that was given the queries prompted by media searching the internet for details on company staff.

«Prompted by the club´s interactions with 3Key Technologies in recent days,» City said in a statement Friday, «Manchester City is now conducting further enquiries regarding 3Key Technologies and the partnership has been suspended pending satisfactory resolution to all of those enquiries.

A solo male Siberian tiger has spotted almost 800 miles outside of its species’ normal habitat in the world’s coldest permanently inhabited region. Pictured: The tiger’s paw print in Yakutia, the Sakha Republic

Despite evidence that brain trauma may be linked to tumours, according to his solicitors the MoD may have failed to carry out appropriate health checks for this incident and his ‘frequent usage of heavy/anti-tank

It is likely the tiger was seen earlier on its trek with an early October sighting near the Shantarskie islands in Khabarovsk region. Pictured: A tiger’s paw print in the village of Chumikan, Khabarovsk

gaged. The shocking blunder was uncovered after he was caught in a second explosion during a battle with Islamic State in the Middle East. He was flown back to UK for medical tests at Queen Elizabeth Hospital B

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take.’ Representing L/Cpl Ilett, Gary Boyd at Gorvins Solicitors in Stockport, said: ‘The MoD’s failure to engage has necessitated an avoidable application to the court for an order compelling them to disclose to us important evidence. This has wasted a lot of time — a very precious commodity to L/Cpl Ilett — and delayed the peace of mind he seeks knowing his children will have some security after he

«In light of information received today that goes against the club´s values,» the Catalan club said Friday, «FC Barcelona hereby communicate the cancellation of the contract to create and market NFT digital assets with Ownix with immediate effect.»

Wales. On a patient information sheet, volunteers were told: ‘If something out of the ordinary is suspected in one of your scans, we will ask a department neurologist who is a medical doctor with experience interpreting brain MRI scans and treating brain disorders to review the image

Ownix announced on Nov. 5 that it was partnering with Barcelona to launch non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, that would be bought using the digital currency known as Ethereum.

The NFTs would have allowed people to buy digital certificates of authenticity of virtual items linked to the team´s history.

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