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Unemployment will continue to rise, the banks will receive more bailouts and governments will continue to print more money. All paper money is just figures on a computer screen and is worth nothing! With Neptune moving into Pisces on February 4th, there will be periods of utter calm, when it will feel as though everything is fine and there was nothing to be concerned about. With Neptune in Pisces until 2024, we’ll see issues coming up in politics around water. Neptune is the master of illusion, so don’t allow your thinking to become unfocused. There will be a greater focus on the power of the mind and how we can use our minds to heal our bodies in many cases without medical intervention. Jupiter goes into Gemini on June 11th and the stock sectors that will benefit are anything in communications, new technology, computers, cellphones, writing, transportation. Jupiter is still in Taurus until June 11th of 2012, so I am anticipating more bailouts, more money-printing, more recklessness on the part of the banks and more greed and fraud

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