Dutch police turn WATER CANNON on protesters as NL returns to lockdown

«It has been reported, but it turns out that we don’t have a lot of experience with coinfection because last year when we had a really big surge of COVID, it was the lightest flu season on record,» said Dr. Daniel Solomon, an infectious disease doctor Judi Slot Online at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Coinfection experience and research stem from the early days of the pandemic, so it’s hard to tell how prevalent this «twindemic» could be this year as flu season begins. 

A group of around 200 anti-lockdown protesters gathered outside the government building in The Hague where Rutte was speaking.

Several people were detained for setting off fireworks and throwing objects at the police.

Friday’s announcement marked a dramatic change of policy for the Dutch government, which until last month had thought that a relatively high vaccination rate would allow it to further ease measures towards the end of the year.

The city worker said his wife was ‘very supportive’ during his journey and his colleagues would even stop him from having a beer in an effort to help him, which Mr Royle found ‘phenomenally flattering’. 

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Determined to prove them wrong, Mr Royle, who works in financial services, signed up to — the brainchild of Olympian Sarah Lindsay which promises clients a complete transformation and the ‘body of their dreams’ in as little as 12 weeks.    

Coronavirus infections in the Netherlands have been rising for a month after most social distancing measures were scrapped in late September, and reached their highest level since July in the past week. 

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Similar protests were in Austria on Friday evening after Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced plans to impose lockdown measures on unvaccinated members of the population. Pictured: Crowds gathering in Linz

Here are the flu shot side effects to know about this year and the latest on the COVID pill. And here’s the latest on the COVID-19 vaccine mandates for employers with over 100 employees, federal employees and other groups.

‘I was relatively fit and strong before and so I wasn’t surprised initially because I got back to that position I was in when I was younger — but the increase continued beyond where I’d been previously.

«If there’s fever, body aches or chills that would make me more concerned about other respiratory illnesses — like the flu or COVID,» Solomon said. Since the COVID-19 vaccine helps prevent severe symptoms, more common signs of a cold can still be COVID, he added. 

Rutte instructed people to work from home whenever possible, and said no spectators would be allowed in the coming weeks to attend sporting events, including the Dutch soccer team’s World Cup qualifier against Norway on Tuesday.

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A PLOS Medicine survey found that long COVID is more likely than long flu. Those that had a severe case of COVID-19 or were hospitalized due to the virus were more likely to experience symptoms longer, but most resolved within the first six months. 

‘Before the programme, I’ve never been shy of doing weights and I did CrossFit.

During lockdown, with the gyms being closed, we had a Peloton so I was doing that in order to keep going and to keep some structure but I wasn’t really doing anything constructive.

Later that evening, after flares, projectiles and bicycles were thrown at police, officers were seen hitting fleeing demonstrators with batons as what started as a peaceful protest descended into chaos. 

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