Ozark Season 4 Ending Defined

Ozark season four centered heavily on the wheeling and dealing of Marty and Wendy Byrde, making an attempt as they all the time are to schmooze their way out of being brutally murdered by the cartel. The story of Ozark has been Marty and Wendy attempting to figure out a option to free themselves from the grip of the cartel. After two years, Ozark is back. Miller had been working with Marty and Navarro in the hopes of bringing down a killer cartel, so she’s crestfallen that her bosses are instead utilizing Navarro as a way to score more money. Recall that in season three Marty equipped Miller with evidence that led to the jailing of key Lagunas cartel personnel, which the Navarro cartel was at war with. In the ultimate episode of season four, Javi takes issues into his own palms. In season 4, Navarro agrees to secretly give the FBI heads up a few collection of gun and money drops from Mexico to the US.

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