Philippines set to resume resupply mission to South China Sea

The decor — and, more importantly, the spirit of the place — is rooted in the early 1980s when chintzy country house hotels began to assert themselves and when men were asked politely to wear jackets and ties if looking to be admitted to the ‘fine-dining’ restaurant.

MANILA, Nov 21 (Reuters) — The Philippines’ defence chief said on Sunday a military resupply mission for the country’s troops stationed on an atoll in the South China Sea will resume this week, after it was aborted last week when it was blocked by Chinese coast guard.

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Fish farming is perhaps the most popular form of aquaculture, thanks to the consistently growing demand for fish and fish protein. While overfishing in wild fisheries tend to deplete our natural resources and mess the balance in our ecosystem, aquaculture is developed to answer our needs while preserving n

«They (China) have no right to impede, prevent or harass our ships within our EEZ (exclusive economic zone), whether we are fishing or bringing supplies to our detachment in the Sierra Madre (navy ship) in Ayungin Shoal,» he said.

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I want people to know that the federal government has been engaging with the local authorities,’ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. ‘We’re sending resources like the Canadian Armed Forces to support people but also we’ll be there for the cleanup and the rebuilding after impacts of these extreme weather events.’

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