Top 5 Facebook Applications May 2010

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Facebook Applications have reached 5 million figure by May 2010, which are actively running and utilized by the users around the globe.

It shows how the wide spread message of sharing information in an open and cost-effective platform is being promoted and connection between the users and buyers are being established. User base has increased with a much higher rate and Facebook dramatically captured the social media networking market.

Now Facebook has more than 1 million active users on more than 25 Facebook applications, which is continuing to grow and about 70% of Facebook users engage them with Facebook applications for fun and business' purpose.

Let's find top 5 Facebook Applications that managed to stay up and retained its user base by May 2010.


Farm Ville is a widely played virtual farming game that has initiated the concept of crops on Facebook.You can plow plots of them, do seedling and harvest the outcomes. Crops you sow require patience because it will grow within a certain time period. If you don't harvest on time, your crops will dry up and 퍼스트카지노 die ultimately. This farming game comes with the top playing game on Facebook and holds 70,660,850 Monthly active users, 40,136,032 weekly users and 20,444,590 daily users on its application.

Static FBML

This is indeed a very useful Facebook application that allows you to fix up a desired tab in your Facebook fan page as per your likings and desires.

Blogger are well aware of it because of the HTML codes for customization and more. It has quite many features like modifying or adding extra information on your Facebook fan page by using HTML or FBML i.e. you will be able to setup a landing page and media profiles.

This Facebook application has now 65,487,654 monthly users, 22,694,372 weekly users and 3,925,171 daily users on it.

Facebook for iPhone

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This Facebook application has been designed for iPhone users that allows iPhone users to make a easy access to friends' profiles, messages, home tab, notifications, upcoming events, news feeds can even make a call your Facebook friend if they have their iPhone number displayed on their profiles. iPhone users on Facebook can easily upload videos directly from iPhone and Free calls and texts can be made. This Facebook application has now 35,628,483 monthly active users, 27,527,035 weekly active users and 18,247,689 daily users on it.

Texas HoldEm Poker

It is a high-bar for poker simulation video game.It's an easy to play community-card game which is played on a single table with 2 to 10 players. Its main goal is to win as many chips as one can. It has about 28,283,996 monthly active users, 14,256,366 weekly users and 5,597,446 daily users.

Birthday Cards

Birthday cards, is a free birthday card sending application on Facebook that allows you to send customized cards to friends.It has birthday calendar that keeps all your friends' birthdays in it and reminds you on time. Reminder is the best thing that saves you from regrets. It has 28,171,041 monthly active users on it.

These top 5 Facebook applications are leading by their monthly active users.To know more about Facebook applications, you can drop your query.

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