Watch a stunt-double Mars rover make a daring escape from a sand trap

Sept 15 (Reuters) — Hong Kong shares ended lower on Wednesday, dragged down by tech and casino gaming stocks, following reports that Beijing will step up its efforts to promote the development of a «civilized» internet.

Suncity, which accounts for some 40 percent of the mostly mainland Chinese high-rollers who come to Macau, suspended trading in its shares on Monday, according to a statement filed with the Hong Kong stock

In September officials announced plans to put government representatives on licensed operators’ boards to oversee their dealings, and to criminalise underground banking in the industry, a move that caused a plunge in casino operator sha

** China Evergrande Group dropped 5.4% to its lowest since January 2014 after Bloomberg reported that China’s major banks have been notified by the housing authority that Evergrande won’t be able to pay loan interest due Sept.

The rover team has also tested the machine’s ability to drill deep into Mars as it hunts for signs of past and present microbial life. The doppelganger rover performed the sand test at the Mars Terrain Simulator at the Thales Alenia Space facilities in Italy.

A new video shows how. Anakin Skywalker wouldn’t like Mars much: «I don’t like sand. The European Space Agency, or ESA, has designed its ExoMars rover to conquer the Martian sand problem. It’s course, rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.» Mars rovers probably feel much the same way.

It uses a clever wheel-walking method to escape. The video shows the stunt-double rover with its forward wheels stuck in sand. The Rosalind Franklin rover (here’s how it got its name) is scheduled to launch in 2022. It has a twin that’s used for testing out how the Mars rover will react to and perform on the red planet.

Premium mass includes players who bet large enough amounts that they earn complimentary rooms, food and transportation but do not have their losses discounted nor are they extended credit from the casinos.

«Similar to leg movements, wheel-walking combines motions of the deployment actuators (the legs) with the rotation of the wheels to progress without slippage,» ESA said in a statement Friday. «This motion gives very good traction in soft soils and high slopes, such as dunes.»

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It is the first time such a high profile figure from Macau’s gaming industry has been arrested in an ongoing crackdown against the sector, with plans announced in September to increase government r

CNSA announced the extension earlier this month. While Curiosity is marking its Mars time in years, Zhurong has proudly outlasted its original three-month life expectancy and is now on an extended mission as it continues to work its way across Utopia Planitia. So far the rover has covered nearly 3,500 feet (1,064 meters) since landing in May. 

HONG KONG, Dec 21 (Reuters) — Macau’s casinos face a bleak short-term outlook after shutting most of their lucrative gaming rooms catering to wealthy gamblers and as COVID-19 travel restrictions prevent the shift to mass-market customers that they will depend on in the future.

That means we currently have an embarrassment of rover riches giving us windows onto the red planet’s wild and rocky vistas. Zhurong’s presence brought the number of active Mars rovers up to three along with NASA’s Curiosity and Perseverance, which are off exploring different parts of the planet. China’s Tianwen-1 mission consists of an orbiter, a lander and a rover.

CNSA released a panorama view on Monday that also shows off the rover’s solar panels. The landscape is full of small rocks, along with some lovely sand dunes visible on the right side of the panorama. Zhurong, part of the China National Space Administration’s Tianwen-1 Mars mission, is scoping out a broad plains region.

Now China’s Zhurong rover is getting in on the action with a sandy scene from its Martian home in Utopia Planitia. August has been quite the month for Mars panoramas. First, NASA’s Curiosity rover celebrated nine years on the red planet with a rock-studded view of the Gale Crater.

It is also home to the Paiza Club: an invitation-only international VIP club — with 51 premium suites and an additional hotel tower providing a sophisticated boutique hotel experience to guests who appreciate the ultimate in personal services and luxury within a stylish, chic environment that is provocative, hip and x.

Its stunning, reflective gold glass exterior houses a wide range of diversions from specialty restaurants, a theatre, outdoor swimming pool, deluxe spa and salon to conference and banquet facilities, unrivalled shows and a vast array of gaming offerings.

Group visas for players have not been issued since the COVID-19 pandemic and individual visas to Macau have come under greater scrutiny, according to Ben Lee, founder of Macau gaming consultancy IGamiX.

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