3 Fish Farm Systems You Need To Know About

s This is the most popular and convenient aquaculture system in off-shore sites such as oceans, freshwater lakes, and ponds.

In this system, durable cages are constructed and stocked with fishes. Once filled, the fishes are fed artificially and then sold or used once they reach market stan

s For farmers who want to start out small, this is the best option. To create a pond farm, you will need a ditch or pond that is able to retain water.

Some bentonite clay for lining the pond will be needed as well as an irrigation system, preferably above ground, although you can opt to use buried pipes with headers. In this farming system, you can easily raise fishes, but you will have to be wary of their enviro

He was out socialising with these friends at a beach-front restaurant when he was arrested, in the early hours of Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Later that morning Lord Monson, who was staying on the Costa del Sol, received a phone call as he played Scrabble with his Brazilian third wife and friends. His son had died, apparently from a drug overdose, he was told.

‘There were attempts from several witnesses herein to obfuscate the facts surrounding the death,’ Odenyo observed, adding that Alexander had been in good health when he was booked into the police station at 2.30am and that his life was ‘cut short by the unlawful actions of others while in the custody of police’.

Starting a fish farmer is not easy as there are numerous things that must be considered such as the types of fish and food to use and your location. Nevertheless, you can successfully do so by learning everything about the business and carefully considering your options.

Learn more about the farming systems introduced here, get in touch with aquaculture organizations in your community, and start your own fish farm


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Fish farming is perhaps the most popular form of aquaculture, thanks to the consistently growing demand for fish and fish protein. While overfishing in wild fisheries tend to deplete our natural resources and mess the balance in our ecosystem, aquaculture is developed to answer our needs while preserving n

He points out the infamous case of a Kenyan human rights lawyer representing a man who claimed to have been shot by the police.

In 2016, both the lawyer and his client were killed and flung into a crocodile-infested river.

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He expected support from Kenya’s Independent Policing Oversight Authority — set up ten years ago and funded with British overseas aid — for investigating Alexander’s death was its very first task, and regarded as a litmus test of its effectiveness.

Firstly, the prosecution must prove there is a reasonable case to answer. Secondly, the defence evidence is heard. Thirdly the judge, who sits without a jury, reads his verdict and sentence. Since an attempt by the four police officers’ lawyers to have the case thrown out has failed, the third and final stage has at last been reached.

Marijuana use is commonplace in Kenya, so even if Alexander was smoking a joint that night, his arrest was unusual.

He was picked up with a friend who was freed after apparently being bailed out by his father. But Alexander was held in the cells.

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