Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is A Quiet Recluse

The park is emerald green in colour and appears to have taken an oath of silence except when the stillness is broken by the musical trumpeting of an elephant or an occasional cry of an Indian peafowl.Some of these inhabitants of Bondla are endemic to India and are a national pride. The picturesque setting of the nature park is enhanced by the Western Ghats that loom on its side.

The most sought after residents at the venue are the panthers, elephants, jungle cats, guars, deer, Indian bison and Malabar giant squirrels.They are all either rare or magnificent, thus featuring in the many photographs taken by wildlife enthusiasts. With the assistance of well versed tour guides, most of these creatures can be found in their preferred corners of the sanctuary.

Despite its small size, the park actually accommodates a botanical garden, zoological garden, deer safari park and rose garden within its boundaries.The miniature zoo is bordered by a moat and houses a few species in an atmosphere similar to their natural habitat. Roses and other colourful flowering plants which are in full bloom are just a glimpse of the extensive varieties of flora that grow in the large South Asian nation. Matti; the state tree of Goa, jamba, mimusops and rosewood trees can be seen standing sedately among the evergreens and lush green grass in the botanical garden as well as other parts of the sanctuary.

Foreigners enjoy visiting Bondla as it is an ideal location for bird watching.With over hundred types of birds that meander in the skies and on tree tops without a care in the world, 퍼스트카지노 only a pair of binoculars is required to watch them flutter their multihued feathers.

The wildlife resort is a popular venue for school children to learn about the bionetwork.The Nature Education Centre's library is fully updated and plays small film strips to educate the public of the importance of biodiversity.

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