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The establishment of company formation company selected serviced office business center business because it can provide a flexible lease and fully equipped office, compared with traditional office rental, virtual office is the creation of new and better choices.For example: human resources, reduce hiring staff and cleaning expenses; public expenditure, without having to pay all water, electricity, rates, management fees or all government miscellaneous, money and administration in the virtual office also reduce considerably; virtual office is equipped with , shared high-performance and multi-function photocopiers and other hot and cold water, not only save costs, it is difficult to enjoy the small virtual office with; telephone costs, saving installation of new telephone lines, fax line, broadband Internet service and long distance phone charges.

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Serviced Office Business Center is a fully equipped offices to allow customers to use at any time.

It addition to providing physical office space, also provides personal secretarial services and other professional services. Only have to pay each month low monthly fee, customers can enjoy a one-stop Business Centers serviced office. Business Centre serviced offices benefit is not only not required to sign a long-term lease, but only a small amount of the investment cost to business; it particularly popular with small and medium business center type businesses and overseas subsidiaries of large enterprises welcome.

Serviced Office at no additional cost to invest in the renovation of offices, office furniture and office equipment, so the funds can only start small opening. Therefore, a short-term customers a flexible lease, plus a small amount of investment, the risk of opening new offices will be reduced to a minimum.

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More than ten years have set up a company to provide the best in Hong Kong serviced offices and kampus terbaik di lampung virtual office services experience, in addition to providing exceptional business center business address, but can also provide one-stop setting up companies and other business operations corresponding to the economic benefits smoothly in Hong Kong to expand its business development.

The establishment of Hong Kong Limited's requirements, such as privacy reasons, companies are unwilling to disclose the identity of the final words of interest, can be anonymous service to set up a company. services office secretary must be a Hong Kong resident or Hong Kong of the corporate body.

The establishment of company directors and shareholders may appoint a body corporate or any nationality aged 18 years or more natural persons. Hong Kong Limited (Hong Kong private limited liability company) must appoint at least one shareholder, a director, address (registered address) and a company secretary.

So the company information is public, any person by the Hong Kong Companies Registry and the Inland Revenue Department search the messages.


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