Esports Online Gambling

Esports Online Gambling — Esports or the abbreviation of Electronic Sports is a ‘sports’ competition in an online game that brings together individuals and teams in a tournament. Recently, because the esports market is growing rapidly, gambling has finally entered this world. Due to the rapid development of online games and the many event organizers who are now organizing tournaments from small to large scale.


Gambling in the world of esports is still relatively new, then it is quite easy to play it like soccer betting. You just have to know about what kind of game and what team is going to tournament. Esports online gambling includes games like MOBA, FPS, RTS, Fighting Games etc. One of the most popular esports competitions is The International DOTA 2 Championship which will soon start with a total prize pool of $40,018,195 (34.3 Million US Dollars) equivalent to 496 billion. Fantastic isn’t it? Therefore, gambling began to penetrate the world of esports.

  • MOBA Game Esport Gambling

We will explain what is meant by esports gambling moba games, MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena which means playing a strategy game that involves several players. These players will usually control or play a different character in each game. Usually this MOBA game consists of 5 people, each has their own responsibility / role.

Playing this type of game can be played via PC or Mobile. Dota 2, League of Legend are some examples of PC MOBA games. As for the mobile version, there are Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor etc. In this type of moba game, the two teams will fight each other to achieve victory by carrying out strategies, calculating the next steps that must be taken, and not making fatal mistakes that will cause your team to lose the game.

  • FPS Esport Gambling

What is meant by FPS esports gambling is an online game with the theme of shooting shots using weapons. Players seem to be in the game because they use FPS (First Person Shooter) camera mode and use weapons to kill their opponents. Initially this genre game was only made to fight the computer or what we usually call BOT. But along with the development of the times, now the programmers are developing this fps genre game so that it can be played in multiplayer and online / against other players.

Which can be met via a server or LAN. Now this FPS game also has many mobile versions, so you don’t need to be discouraged, one of them is PUBGM, CODM, Critical OPS, Dead Effect, Hitman Sniper while on PC devices there are Counter Strike, PUBG, Call Of Duty (Modern Warfare) games. ), Valorant, Point Blank and Overwatch and many more.

  • RTS Esport Gambling

Esports rts gambling is a game that has a war genre that requires players to build a force or country or fortress, resources, battle needs and organize their troops cleverly to win the battle.

RTS itself stands for real time strategy, can you imagine the meaning of the word RTS? Yes, that’s right, you have to set your strategy carefully so that you can defeat the enemy in one round. Examples of RTS games are Age of Empires, Warcraft, and Star Wars.

  • Esport Fighting Games

Gambling is a 1vs1 game genre, which means that both players play individual games with a set time to do K.O (Knock Out) on their opponents. Examples such as Tekken & Street Fighter.Gambling Phenomenon in the World of Esports

Some of the above are examples of game genres that are currently popular in the world of esports gambling. In the world of online gambling esports, usually bookie sites will give us a choice of Money Line, Handicap, and Outright like the gambling we usually find, right? It’s quite easy to play this online esports gambling like you play some games casino. As a bettor just enough to register on your favorite site, then login, you can immediately play the online gambling esports that you know.

There are many gambling phenomena in the world of esports, for example, when a csgo tournament in Australia was taking place, one of the teams carried out the gambling action by placing bets for their own team, which meant that they intentionally lost the tournament in order to get a big profit. However, for this case they were caught and arrested by the Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit and Organized Crime Intelligence and then sentenced to a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

The Highest Esport Gambling in the World

Then in the MOBA world there is the famous term 322 from my favorite game, DOTA 2. This incident occurred when the StarLadder StarSeries Season 6 tournament was taking place. ROX.KIS VS zRage, in this match the ROX.KIS team that is mentioned will win the game because it is superior to the enemy, but ROX.KIS makes a lot of fatal mistakes, causing the enemy team to reverse the situation and make them lose. However, in this case, the esports investigation team stated that one of the players who had the nickname SOLO was proven to have made a bet on his own team. He put up with his own team condition, namely ROX.KIS will lose to zRAGE and solo will get money of $322. That’s why 322 is very popular in dota 2 when one of the teams/players makes a fatal mistake intentionally or unintentionally.


With prizes that are so large in number like Dota 2 The International Championship it is not surprising that if a tournament on a large scale / large prize money is taking place it will make the fans or game players become thrilling, wanting their favorite team to win the tournament, and everyone who doesn’t even understand the game will try to watch it just because they want to know who the winner is and the euphoria. Therefore, gambling takes advantage of this momentum to place bets on both teams. But there are also many who have benefited greatly from esports gambling in world, especially with the current conditions during this pandemic, many people are trying every way to make money.




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