Get To Know About The Best Indian Curriculum Schools in UAE

UAE is a multicultural, multilingual country due to people flocking in from different nations and with a diverse culture.

The majority of the residents in UAE are from India. UAE opens opportunities for jobs as well as the educational system. Many come into this country to live a harmonious life while retaining their own culture and a lifestyle which each one prefers according to their community.

The Indian parents desire for terbaik sumatera high standard education in this country while acquainting their children with their culture through the educational system and schools. UAE has many India schools with the best curriculum and experienced teachers.

Indian Curriculum And Education System

Indian schools follow mainly two types of the syllabus- CBSE and the ICSE.

CBSE or the central board of higher education is a system popular in the private Indian schools in UAE. It is highly structured and regulated system and the most preferred one among the Indian parents. CBSE conducts board exams for the 10th and 12th grade. They are known as ASSE for the 10th and AISSCE for the 12th.

Mark attained in the board exams is of great importance for higher education. CBSE has fixed rules and method of teaching which is followed both in India and abroad in the same manner.

ICSE or the Indian Certificate of Secondary education is another syllabus that the Indian schools follow.Teaching methodology in schools following the ICSE syllabus differs from that of those following CBSE syllabus. In ICSE syllabus overall score is based on internal marks and practical tests. In UAE only a few schools follow the ICSE system.

While Arabic and English are mandatory languages in every school, students can opt their second languages.The second languages available in the schools are Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Urdu. Students can, therefore, be familiar with their mother tongue while receiving high-quality knowledge in other subjects.

Indian Private Schools in Dubai

Dubai has many decade-old Indian schools and many new schools are popping up everywhere in Dubai due to the demand and a sizeable number of residents flocking in from India.

The schools follow the Indian culture and traditions along with the high standard of education. Festivals and important religious days of all the religion and caste are celebrated in the same manner and in harmony in these schools. The republic day and Independence of India are celebrated with such vigor and vitality which shows the love of Indians to their home country and thereby teaching the children the importance of their culture and their home country.

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The Indian High school

IHS was the first Indian school to be established in Dubai in the year 1961.It follows the CBSE syllabus and has been rated as the outstanding by the KHDA. It has been awarded the Sheikh Hamdan award for the prestigious schools. The schools provide the best educations and molds the children in such a way that they become able to choose their profession and the school also gives guidance for the same

Our Own English School

This is another decade-old school and one of the most sought after schools in Dubai.The school was established in 1968. It has now branches all over UAE. With students from many nationalities, this school maintains the best multicultural atmosphere and concentrates on educational as well as personality development in the students.

Delhi Private School

Also known as DPS, Delhi Private Schools is a renowned name among the Indians in the UAE.With the focus on high standard education, the school also gives importance to sports and cultural activities and other extra-curricular activities which promote to build a confidence in the students and bring out the best in them.

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