google voice 充值 保 号

Hello we meet again

Thank you for watching my video

Many friends

Feedback says that mainland mobile phones are registering for YouTube

Failed to pass verification when the account of

Actually I have encountered this kind of problem

But you don’t have to worry too much

After our various tests

Finally found a very reliable method

Can be verified by what this method is

In this video

I will show you how to solve youtube

Account cannot be registered this kind of problem

Hello everyone

I’m your sister Fang, I miss you so much

My channel is mainly to share with you the best of youtube

Dryest dry goods

If you feel my channel is valuable

Welcome to subscribe to my channel

Quietly telling you that you must turn on the little bell next to it

So you will get my information the first time

Never pass by me again

Let’s stop talking nonsense and start the demo now

first of all

We want to download such a Gmail mailbox

We open the Apple store and 中 美 关系 台湾 click on the downloaded one

How are you

I have downloaded the Gmail mailbox

Then our steps

The first one is to prepare a ladder first


We turned it on and started very well

After booting up

In the second part, we click to log in

This time he will invite you to

What type of mailbox to add

Let’s add Google’s email address

I’m using it, click to enter

At this time we chose to create such an account

OK click next

Where are you going, you can sync with me

Then we choose the country and region, choose China

Choose your phone number and click on it

Ok very good verification code

Okay, let’s click once to enter the next step

This time you choose age sex and date

I suggest everyone try to write as true as possible

Because when preventing you from being blocked later

We find it easier

Do you see it at this time by clicking next?

This is your email address

OK I click on my email address

Click Next and he prompts someone to use this area name

Let’s change it. It’s very simple

Okay, click next

Well, at this time, you need to write a password.

Confirm your password

We click next and we skip it directly


At this time, we click Next to continue to pull down

Do you agree i agree

I must agree

My Gmail mailbox

Has been created successfully

Is not it simple

We open the YouTube app

Conduct a login test

OK, 中 美 关系 台湾 login succeeded

We can now browse the content directly

This is the entire content of this video

If this video is helpful to you

Welcome to click collection

You have any questions you don’t understand during the operation

You are welcome to leave a message below

I will reply to your comments as soon as possible

next time

I will focus on how to get on your YouTube

Add a subscribe button in the lower right corner of the video

To make such a tutorial for everyone, hurry up and subscribe


I put the PDF of the YouTube background operation

Put it in the details

You just need to click on the details link to get it

Then we’ll see you next time bye

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