The former chief

We should have learned our lesson not to be surprised at anything Bill Bailey does.

This time last year our jaws dropped as he emerged, nimble-of-foot, as a serious contender on Strictly with partner Oti Mabuse. 

Dr Ruxton, who has helped produce a report on the ‘micronutrient crisis’ in teens for the Health and Food Supplements Information Service, which is funded by the supplements industry, added: ‘A crucial thing about teenagers is they are not little adults — they are going through a phenomenal growth spurt and have a huge requirement for vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

A Liberian-owned ship called the Beijing is believed to be responsible for the massive oil spill that tarnished Southern California beaches last month after the vessel’s anchor dragged across the seabed and cracked a crucial pipeline 

It’s not known why the leak occurred eight months later rather than at the time of the anchor collision. Authorities also are looking into whether other anchors hit and weakened the pipeline or if a preexisting condition with the line was to blame. 

The leak stemmed from a 17.5-mile pipeline spanning from Amplify’s Elly oil rig seven miles off the coast of Long Beach to a pump station operated by Beta Offshore, a Long Beach unit of Houston-based Amplify, and spread to a slew of beaches and coastal areas across California’s Orange County

Professor Margaret Rayman, of the University of Surrey, an expert on iodine, said: ‘If you know your child isn’t eating properly, or is not eating meat, milk or fish, then by all means give your child a multivitamin or mineral pill, at the recommended daily amount level.’

‘He expected a slightly embarrassing older bloke being shuffled round the dancefloor, looking benignly befuddled, but after the first dance he said, «I can’t believe it, but you were actually quite good.» Cheers, Dad!

This is not the first revelation of this kind from our new ruling class. As long ago as 2009, the New Labour apparatchik Andrew Neather let slip that his movement had ‘a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the UK Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural’. 

They warn that around two-thirds of a teenager’s calorie intake now comes from ‘ultra-processed’ junk foods, leading to concerns that youngsters could be increasingly suffering from chronic deficiencies in vital nutrients.

Yesterday, the number of migrants crossing the Channel to the UK surpassed 4,000 to hit a new monthly record with weeks still to go — as Emmanuel Macron accused the government of ‘oscillating between partnership and provocation’ over the crisis. 

He’s elated at the memory, but also sad. In a normal year, his father would have been in the audience at Strictly, Judi Slot Online Jackpot being treated like a star himself.

Because of the pandemic, however, he was at home alone, cheering into the void. 

Bill Bailey, comedian, actor, musician and Strictly winner, is posing for photos in his back garden. He may live in busy west London, but he’s installed an Eastern garden, complete with a Chinese-style arch leading to his work studio.

He has withdrawn his silly claim that a ‘significant cloud’ still hangs over Bishop Bell, who was presumed guilty by the CofE, when someone accused him of incredibly long-ago child abuse. In fact a series of detailed investigations have demolished the cases against him.

This comes after, Boris Johnson ordered a Whitehall review into the cross-Channel migrant crisis with the PM is said to be ‘exasperated’ by his Government’s failure to reduce the number of migrants on small boats making the journey and wants ministers to ‘redouble’ efforts to ‘fix’ the crisis.

I have visited 57 countries, and also lived with my family in two nations apart from this one, my home. I am absolutely not afraid of the world abroad and I think we have much to learn from other peoples. But in the end, I like it here.

The problem was raised at a recent Royal Society of Medicine event, where Gillian Swan, of the Government’s National Diet and Nutrition Survey, warned many that teenagers had ‘very low’ consumption of fruit and vegetables, leading to some ‘very low vitamin and mineral levels…

While official guidance is for parents to give children aged six months to five years a daily supplement containing Vitamins A, C and D, advisers have been reluctant to recommend supplements for older children, preferring to stress the importance of eating healthily.

It also found teenage girls’ diets are particularly bad, with half having iron levels that are too low.

Dietician Carrie Ruxton said: ‘Teenagers want to be independent and parents just let them — but they are not checking up on what they are eating.

PETER HITCHENS: So now we know one reason why an apparently simple job, keeping people out of a sea-girt country, unless they arrive legally, has proved so difficult for so many years. And why, even as the weather worsens and the sea gets rough, more than 1,000 illegal migrants are arriving in this country on some days

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